Friday, June 19, 2009

Tax Lien Deed

Don’t let the title throw you. I’ve just been receiving too many requests from people wanting to know whether the sate they live in is a tax lien state or a tax deed state. So I am not talking about a tax lien deed in the sense of the deed you get when you quiet a title on a tax lien that was not redeemed. Since this question takes up way too much of my time I decided to put the tax lien deed issue to rest here by providing a simple State listing;

Alabama tax lien

Alaska tax deed

Arizona tax lien

Arkansas tax deed

California tax deed

Colorado tax lien

Connecticut tax deed

Delaware tax deed

Florida tax lien

Georgia tax deed

Hawaii tax deed

Idaho tax deed

Illinois tax lien

Indiana tax lien

Iowa tax lien

Kansas tax deed

Kentucky tax lien

Louisiana tax lien

Maine tax deed

Maryland tax lien

Massachusetts tax deed

Michigan tax deed

Minnesota tax deed

Mississippi tax lien

Missouri tax lien

Montana tax lien

Nebraska tax lien

Nevada tax deed

New Hampshire tax deed

New Jersey tax lien

New Mexico tax deed

New York tax deed

North Carolina tax deed

North Dakota tax deed

Ohio tax deed

Oklahoma tax lien

Oregon tax deed

Pennsylvania tax lien

Rhode Island tax lien

South Carolina tax lien

South Dakota tax lien

Tennessee tax lien

Texas tax deed

Utah tax deed

Vermont tax lien

Virginia tax deed

Washington tax deed

West Virginia tax lien

Wisconsin tax deed

Wyoming tax lien

That should cover the tax lien deed question. Be advised there are some exceptions. Parts outside of San Francisco are permitted to conduct tax lien certificate sales, Delaware conduct tax deed sales that have a right of redemption and Michigan and Minnesota used to be tax lien states but now conduct tax deed sales. I guess the tax lien deed question may never get answered. There are others exceptions but the list above should more than cover you for now.

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